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Dynamic, Continuous, Real-time

From the outset, PasRM was designed to solve the three major issues in existing RM solutions:  Learning rates are slow, Pricing is restrictive, and data is processed in batches.  

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Our Technology

PasRM technology is unmatched in the industry.  

Our Services

Cloud Native

PasRM was born in the cloud for all the obvious reasons.  RM software reliability is essential to revenue performance.

Web Based

Desktop applications no longer serve the needs of modern RM teams.  The quantity of data processed is simply too high.

Continuous Pricing

Pricing inventory at predefined levels leaves substantial gaps in revenue production.  PasRM cans respond to each price request independently

Real-time Processing

Bookings are happening at all times of the day.  PasRM receives a real-time feed to react to demand fluctuations.

Forecasting 2.0

Simply using unconstrained historical averages isn't working for the new airlines.  PasRM's enhanced forecasting methodology reduces forecast error quicker than traditional RM. 

Competitor Pricing

It's time to look beyond simply matching our competitors price.  Our software makes sophisticated decisions possible when setting competitor strategies.

Image by Sorasak
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“By capturing critical information in real time, PasRM provides a sophisticated and transparent solution that will help Czech Airlines steer all our flights to their maximum revenue.”

Jiri Fontana
Director of Netowork and Revenue


Ready to find out more?

Our team specialize in making complex systems transparent and easy to use.  If you want to find out more, we would love to hear from you.

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